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Nice and dynamic lessons, clear explanations, good balance between four skills abilities (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening), interactive real-time communication, customized homework, ...

You won't be stuck with a standard course to follow. Our teachers listen to your goals, evaluate your needs and then tailor your lessons and homework (stop frowning, of course there's homework) to help you reach your goals. And because the lessons are delivered on a one-to-one basis, you will have the teacher's undivided attention for the duration of the lesson.


You will also receive a progress report at the end of each month.

General Spanish: based on conversation and real life situations

Learn as much as possible with our conversation based lessons for all levels: these classes will allow you to improve your speaking and understanding quickly. 

Beginner (A1 - A2)

This is the first level for those students who have never studied the language, studied very little or haven’t studied in a long time. With our classes students will develop basic communication with their tutors in class and on daily situations.


You’ll also get started with Reading and Writing.

Low intermediate (B1)

Here you’ll be able to understand most of the instructions or questions given by your tutor. You are more comfortable talking in English even though you know you’re still making some mistakes. You’ll quickly build up vocabulary and gain confidence to express yourself naturally and making more use of advanced grammar structures.


High intermediate (B2)

Students can easily understand activities suggested by tutors and talks freely and spontaneously (making minor mistakes). Your level changes quickly from this point on, as well as your confidence with this new language. Classes will help you expose your opinion on debates and business routines, being one step from the advanced level.

High advance (C1 - C2)

Our highest level means your second or third language is as good as your native one. Anyone could take you for a native speaker and you’re easily able to pass university exams or apply for a nice job abroad. We’ll help you maintain the level you acquired so far, always pushing you forward.

Spanish for specific purposes

Specific purposes: personal and professional interest

Each day more and more professionals — teachers, medical care employees, business people, law enforcement officers, and others — have the need to communicate with the growing Hispanic community. Theses lessons are designed for them: Spanish lessons for business, travelling and personal life purposes. 

Tests and Examinations

Course for DELE and University test preparation

The courses to prepare for the DELE provide students with information and practice exercises tailored to their level, in order to face the last step in the process of learning Spanish: the DELE exam. Students are prepared for the 6 levels of the certification in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE), as well as special individualized tests. 

Spanish for children and teenagers

Lessons for children and teenagers

For the young students aged from 6 to 16 we offer stimulating lessons which cannot to be missed out: to wake up their imagination, to have fun while learning, to be great speakers of Spanish when they grow up.