Student support

Student support

We offer great support services to students.

Online learning gives you freedom. Face to Face Spanish also gives you access to the best in qualified teacher support. We strive to make a structured, yet flexible at home learning environment where you thrives. Our online language project combines rigorous academics together with personalized learning options to give you a truly custom-fit educational solution.








Individualized attention

At Face to Face Spanish, you are a class of one. We are dedicated to helping you reach your individual potential. We love helping you grow and learn every single day. Using our flexible yet structured program, you will benefit from personalized, customized learning, coupled with outstanding teacher support.

Instant connection

No matter if you live across the country or halfway around the world, you will feel like you are in the same room with us. Enjoy an instant connection with teachers and stop waiting to ask a question.

Qualified teacher support

You can contact us via email for help. We provide student support to help guide you so you are confident and we assured you are mastering lesson content.

Individualized learning plan

We take the class down to a one-on-one level and focus just on you. We make lessons fit around you, instead of trying to fit you into pre-made lessons.

Progress report

We ensure progress with checkpoints placed at strategic locations during your learning journey. You will also recieve a progress report at the end of each month.