Nurturing environment

Nurturing environment

We are compassionate, caring teachers who work one-on-one with you to create a nurturing learning environment.


Communication is a key element in ensuring success. For that reason, we communicate frequently with every student about lessons, but also to inform them of progress updates. 

We are available weekdays to answer you questions and explain concepts in an interactive, one-on-one environment. Besides, we take time to explain you lessons and try various different angles so that you really “gets it.” Giving individual attention, we help every student progresses through lessons and stays on pace via emails and online classrooms. This tutoring-style teaching method helps focus on unique student questions.

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We work closely and care deeply for every person who is studying with us. We see it as our mission and honored privilege to help educate you. To this end, we strive every day to develop strong and meaningful relationships with our students: trust, respect, and encouragement is grown daily with all of them.

True learning

If you’re left wondering if you really understands a concept, at Face to Face Spanish we ensure that you do. We not only go into deep detail about lesson concepts, but also build mastery through various practice methods.

Personalized methods

Through virtual tools, online conversations and emails, we connect individually and apply personalized instruction methods for concept retention. Beyond memorization, we encourage every student to think critically so they can confidently approach various learning situations.